Do I need to order in advance?
It is not mandatory to order in advance, but to avoid the disappointment that your favorite might be sold out, you can place an order in webshop. Orders for the next day need to be placed before 4:00 p.m. After that time it is best to call our shop and we will check if our bakers can have your order ready for the following day.
Does Koekela deliver to my address?
With a minimum order of €50,- we deliver in Rotterdam City Center. Cost is €5,50 per delivery address. An order above €100,- free delivery. See our delivery map here. We do not offer delivery service in The Hague.
What are the delivery charges?
We only deliver in Rotterdam City centre. With a €50 minimum order we charge €5,50 per delivery address. Free delivery for orders above €100.
Can I order on account?
It is not possible to make purchases on account. Do you have a restaurant, hotel or cafe and are interested in our products for your business please contact us per email at info@koekela.nl
How do I know if my internet order went through?
You will receive a confirmation per email when you order. If not please contact our shop.
I have a large order, do I have to use your webshop?
It is your choice. You can use our webshop or if you feel more comfortable calling our shop we will gladly take your order during store hours. Or you can send us an email at info@koekela.nl


Do you sell sugar free cakes?
We have a vegan apple pie baked by Rose&Vanilla that is lactose-, gluten and sugar free.
I am allergic to nuts.
We have a selection of products made without nuts, but please be advised that all of our products are made in a bakery where nuts are used. Please see our allergens webpage
Do you sell products without gluten and/or lactose?
We have 4 individually wrapped gluten free bars. Our carrot muffin and carrot cake are lactose free. We have a individual vegan apple pie, carrot cake and a chocolate-coconut cake that are baked by Rose&Vanilla and are lactose-, gluten and sugar free. Please see our product list of allergic ingredients.
Which Koekela cakes & pies have alcohol?
Our nut pie is made with brandy which is then baked. The alcohol is more or less evaporated during the baking process leaving only the subtile taste behind.
I'm pregnant, can I eat Koekela products?
We use only pasteurized dairy products and pasteurized egg whites for our meringue. Our baked products are made with fresh eggs which are thoroughly baked. In general our products are safe to eat for pregnant women. If you have any doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
See our allergens overview
Please see our: Allergens Information


Frozen cake? How to thaw for best results.
Our homemade cakes & pies are made with care and to preserve the taste we freeze our cakes & pies directly after baking. For the best results we suggest placing the frozen cake/pie in the refridgerator to thaw the evening before you plan to serve it. Can’t wait that long?  Place the cake or pie in a safe place at room temperature, for example kitchen counter where the dog or cat can’t get to it…. Thawing time is 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the cake and temperature of house. Take thawed cake out of fridge about 15 minutes before serving for.  Enjoy!
Can I order cakes and pies per slice?
Yes! We sell all of our cakes and pies per slice in our shop for take away or to eat in. We sell only whole cakes and pies via our webshop.
Do you make special cakes to order? Birthday cakes?
We don't make special order cakes. We can personalise any of our cakes with a written message or photoprint on the cake. Orders can be placed 24 hours in advance in our shop. For more information please visit our shop.
Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, Koekela gift certificates are available in our shop starting at €10,00 each.
Is it possible to reserve a table?
Sorry, we don't take reservations. Normally there is a quick table turnover in the cafe.
Do you serve afternoon tea?
We're all about sweet things, so no, we don't serve an afternoon or high tea. We do serve our own Koekela sampler filled with a variety of bars & cookies including your choice of coffee or tea. If this doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth you can always order a scone complete to go with it. (that's with clotted cream & jam)
Is Koekela accessible for wheelchairs?
Due to the high entry we have a ramp to for wheelchair accesability.  Please give one of us a wave at the entrance so we can assist you.  Unfortunately our toilets are located a level higher in our cafe and these are not accessible for wheelchairs.
May I bring my dog inside the shop/cafe?
Sorry due to the open kitchen we do not allow dogs inside the shop/cafe.
Does Koekela have more locations?
We have two locations at the moment, one in Rotterdam and one in The hague. Click here for more information about our shops. 
Where else can I enjoy Koekela cakes?